domingo, 18 de julho de 2010

Well... Today I'm going to talk about a girl. People use to call her Anne, she's my cousin and I love her. Yesterday she had a bad day, and she's having a bad moment in her life. Her hopes are crossing the way to hell, and she's wanting to die, to dissapear. That's why she needs me, and I can't let her down. I love her, no matter what and that will never change. I know her since I was born and she has always been like an older sister to me. When I'm not ok, or when I'm in trouble she's always there for me. Always ready to led me a hand, to help me, watever I need. Now it's my turn to show her that I'm here for her, and I will not back down. She's beautiful and she has a very strong personality, and she's perfect for me! She's the strongest person I've ever met, so she can't back down just because she's feeling awful right now. Be strong girl, I love you <3

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